Samaria: In the Beginning (Paranormal Romance)



Please join me in celebrating my newest release with a FREE read. Yes, Samaria – Book 1 is FREE June 6-10th & Samaria – In the Beginning (Books 1-4) is now available!

Book 1:

Books 1-4

A ruthless Viking with a thirst for blood. A naïve but powerful African princess destined for immortality.
When Samaria is chosen to be the top female warrior of her tribe, the perceived snub sparks bitterness in her older sister Nzinga. That bitterness fuels a vengeful crusade to undermine Samaria’s efforts and destroy her chances of success in her new role. Nzinga’s anger proves to be a breeding ground for dark ancestral forces. With their help, life in Africa takes an explosive turn.
Alarik, a ruthless Viking, wanders the continent in search of peace after his recent transformation into a blood sucking creature, but his quest is futile. The African continent is rife with hatred and despair… or so he thinks.
Samaria’s power isn’t great enough to shield her from jealous rages and sadistic plots to destroy her people, but it is enough to provide a glimmer of hope in the darkness that rages throughout the land. When she and Alarik meet, they’re instantly drawn to each other. The ancestral spirits have conspired to change the history of their people, and it will all begin with Samaria and her Viking lover.


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