You’re Not Really Living


Whatever happened to the pursuit of dreams and passions? In a world where many are forced to forgo personal desires, we find ourselves tied to everything except for that thing we really want to do. In the quest to make menial salaries to maintain lifestyles we never truly wanted, we slowly lose ourselves.

Life. Happiness. Fulfillment.

What are the things you’d do, if given the opportunity? Or the series of events you’d like to someday accomplish? If money was not an option or family obligations were somehow worked out, would you readily pursue the opportunities you’ve always dreamt about?

Seriously . . . Our hands aren’t tied. We allow circumstances to cripple us. We wear excuses like banners, in order to make ourselves believe the lies. We’re comforted by dreams of what if and continuous visions of true happiness, yet settle into mediocre lives only to complain.

Sometimes, debilitating events converge to help guide us back into focus of our true paths. The threat of being on the “right path” can cause us to digress and run back to those places or actions or people or circumstances which appear to be normal. Don’t let them fool you into believing those things represent your path.

Don’t get trapped in a life you weren’t meant to live. Make the decision to break away from the crippling habits you’ve fallen into over the years. Start believing in yourself again. Don’t just dream, live out your dreams. Don’t just hope or plan, do! Stop saying if or what if, instead, follow your path to a life you’ve chosen. Travel. Write that book. Design. Start that business. Create that product. Roll up your sleeves and get busy.



2 thoughts on “You’re Not Really Living

  1. I totally agree with everything you’ve just said! So many people are afraid to go chase their dreams, using everyday problems as an excuse to remain in their comfort zone! What a wonderful article 😊👍

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