“Austin’s Desire” by Author K. K. Harris



Austin James was over his overbearing mother’s need to set him up with the next Stepford wife. His decisions and life choices were far off the beaten path from which his parents would choose. They did not approve of his attraction to women of a darker complexion. From the moment he spotted the sensual, curvy body of Desire—he was a goner. Balancing the scale between running his ranch, working for his family business, and seducing the alluring beauty—Austin was doing major overtime.

However, Deja ‘Desire’ Campbell had no intentions on settling down, if she could help it. Basically, dragging him around by his cojones, Austin began to feel emasculated. Though he enjoyed his time with Desire, he was fed up with her indecisiveness. Many obstacles later, Austin forces Desire to make some life altering decisions.

Will Austin convince Desire to take a chance and accept all that he has to give or is she a lost cause? This is a tale of lust vs. love.

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About the author


K. K. Harris is a wife, mother, sister, friend who happens to enjoy writing realistic fictional stories. A long with creating ‘life’ based stories, she assists other authors with becoming self-paid business minds. With four years in the game, she has worked with some of the greats and the best is definitely yet to come.


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