Thanks to 2016!


Over the past several year-ends, I’ve sung the woes of how crappy the prior 12 months have been. And I promised myself that the upcoming year MUST be better. I even wrote out everything I “knew” would be accomplished in the upcoming year, only to fall flat every blasted time. I refuse to do that to myself once again. Instead, I’m going to try with all of my being to pick through the “crap storm” of 2016 and highlight the positive. I’ll even go as far as to NOT look ahead to a better 2017. Please understand, this is not me being negative in any way. I’m only hoping to break a pattern that has left me utterly broken over and over again, year after year.

So . . .

2016 has taught me:

· How to survive, regardless of how very little there is to survive off of.
· Tears don’t necessarily dry up, though they do absolutely nothing to change a situation.
· There is no “perfect” job, we only need to make the most in any situation. Furthermore, complaints are nothing more than a tool to make us bitter.
· To ignore the criticisms of those that never have positive things to say. After all, their lives speak louder than their words.
· Starting over provides us with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves into the people we really want to be.
· 80s/Old School Pop music is a great pick me up. Special thanks goes out to Madonna, Wham/George Michaels, Lionel Richie, Culture Club, Christopher Cross, Mr. Mister, Crowded House, Toto, Phil Collins and so many more.
· It helps to cry in the car before going inside of the house to pretend all things are perfect in the world.
· There is nothing wrong with crying and driving. Just take time and pay attention.
· Ugly crying is normal too.
· Follow our instincts and stop second guessing the decisions we know to be the best for our situations.
· K-Love Rocks!
· Jentzen Franklin and Ron Carpenter’s messages exist for my benefit.
· *Political* If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can be the top contenders for the US presidency, absolutely anything is possible.
· Never underestimate stupid.
· Never underestimate selfish people.
· Facebook can get overwhelming.
· Hurting people hurt people.
· There isn’t a written law that anyone else needs to believe in our dreams. We can’t force anyone to make our dreams their own; neither should we give up on ourselves when others don’t see the value in who we are.
· Every disappointment is for some good.
· When one step forward leads to two or three steps backwards, learn to dance.
· How to sever ties, especially those I once believed were permanent.
· We have to be willing to let down our guard in order to fall in love. And most importantly, let go of past hurts to give and received love in the purest form.
· Everyone doesn’t need to know the details of our personal failures. I’m also compelled to mention, everyone doesn’t need to know the details of our successes either. Recognize who matters and is truly on our side.
· Never give up, even when a voice within feeds nothing but negativity. We will never experience the rainbow if we die in the flood. Fight for what we believe in, no matter how circumstances might seem.

As much as I might despise this god-forsaken year, thank you for making me a stronger person.


A Warrior Queen


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