Great new read: “Beautiful Vengeance”


#AAFiction #AARomance #AASuspense #AAUrban

Here’s what an ARC reviewer had to say about “Beautiful Vengeance”

“I have to take a bow to you two. That book hit home with a lot of uncut realness. You guys bring a lot issues to light with this one that I don’t think any other Authors would dare touch. The story was refreshing.

The conversation was deep with Angel and Tromboni; probably something most law enforcement would never hash out. Rikki, Angelique, and Angel display the thing that most would love to do without being caught and that’s avenge the death of a loved one when this crazy world takes them away.

You also taught the value of family. What Raymond revealed could have easily sent Rikki over the edge, but instead you guys had her character woman-up. I think readers will see the value in these pages and for once see that urban fiction is not always about guns and drugs.”

Want to know more about “Beautiful Vengeance”? There’s a site dedicated to the book:


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