The Words

Author JR


Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Try to take a second to think back to that moment when your heart skipped a beat and it seemed like nothing else mattered outside of that love.

For me, that love came with words. No… Honestly! Words have always caused me to smile and swoon with such passion. In fact, I used to read and take in stories as if they were nourishment for my soul; like my life depended on all that was piled onto the pages of books. I became greedy, even though that’s a greed that could only do me good. I stayed up late at night only to read and spend time with “the words”. Before I knew it, the words had come to overtake my body. They filled me up and rode me with a relentless fire that burned deep. I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary, words are capable of possessing the innocent.

So, here I go…

My name is Janice Gail Ross. I had a tumultuous love affair with words, at a very early age. I forgot who I was and found myself living as ancient characters, paranormal beings, shy Victorian girls, and many more. But at some point I had to come back to reality, or rather live in the real world for a longer period of time than I’d initially wanted to. In doing so, I lost myself, and coincidentally lost my way. I wandered the world in search of a missing link, or this idea of my one true love. Nothing and no one could fill that void because words had stolen a certain part of my heart ages ago.

Can you feel me?


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