Silent Fury

Silent Fury

(Coming in mid-2016)


Silent Fury

In front a neatly positioned pile of rags,

she sat in silent fury.

Green, red, white – yellow, pink, blue

attend to her silent fury.

Silver shears elegantly trace

each fabric in silent fury.

Adorned garments and stylish shoes,

lay in shambles in silent fury.

Furry cinnamon, dark coiled locks

chopped down in silent fury.

Her disappointment, her hurt, her pain revealed,

in mounting silent fury.

Illogical utterances, abuse of the mind,

caused her silent fury.

Unable to scream or rebel aloud,

released in silent fury.

Disastrous arguments a vain solution,

recourse in silent fury.

Yard brooms take a toll on battered skin,

low sobs in silent fury.

A fist, a belt, a size ten shoe,

accepted in silent fury.

“Blasted woman!  Crosses in life!”

condemnation in silent fury.

Unwanted kisses, unsolicited sex,

received in silent fury.

A jook inside her tender pink flesh,

pulsating in silent fury.

Threats to decapitate and stab her meat,

her flight in silent fury.

Rape, molestation and abuse,

she responds in silent fury.

(©2010 Janice Ross)


“Silent Fury” represents the experiences of many females. Most importantly, this is my personal story, and it incorporates the lives of others. I’m sure you see that the poem has a copyright date of 2010; however, this goes further back by more than a decade.

My journey from girlhood to womanhood is one that I’ve come to embrace over the years. Everything I’ve experienced, whether good or bad, has created a somewhat stubborn, deeply emotional, blindly loyal individual. I’ve always prayed to be forgiving and far from bitter, yet I can’t allow dishonesty. I give numerous chances, but have come to know when enough is enough. My story from girlhood to womanhood has taken me high and low. The most significant of this journey has taken place many years ago. Silent Fury chronicles this time in my life.

This Creative Nonfiction piece will be available in mid-2016. Be sure to follow for updates.


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