Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog Hop

Samaria 1 Promo

I’m so excited to be participating in the Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog Hop! You can sample the work of other authors by clicking *HERE*.

Samaria is a short story series that occurs in ancient times. The story boldly intertwines the lives of a newly, bloodthirsty Viking and innocent African warrior princess.


The entire battle was tactfully executed because not a single one of these brave Viking men could effectively defend himself. Many were ripped to shreds. Alarik could not entirely make out the nature of the men that were able to cause such destruction.

As quickly as the onset, the tormenters fled. Of the ones that were left— no more than seven or eight—not one was strong enough to navigate the waters. They were able to position the vessel in such a way that they fled the location. They sailed blindly, allowing the current to dictate their course. Alarik’s vision blurred and he felt searing pain at his neckline and a life-altering weakness. His throat itched from beyond flesh. His stomach fought against itself, rejecting organs that had always been useful. Shearing pain crippled him, moving throughout his body at once. The others, the ones that weren’t fortunate enough to have had limbs severed, cried out. The roars trotted along waves of ocean, stretching and spreading beyond reason or sight. Even as their pleas returned to haunt, they quivered, unsure of the most significant threat. Their pain would not subside, yet it carried them. They were forced into an inhumane desire. However, not a single man cared.

Alarik instantly came to accept a mind-reducing craving; a longing to walk upon corpses and take in the rich blood that puddled the ship’s wood. The edges of his mouth pooled with saliva. His tongue tingled; his breathing accelerated. Without reason he flopped down, landing in a stale red puddle of blood. The stench would turn any man’s stomach outward, but not his. Alarik’s fingers massaged along the wooden board, curling briefly before being raised to his lips. He suckled his thumb first, then quickly took to the others. The sensation of thick blood against lips caused shocks of thrilling pain on his insides, not to mention the coating on his skin as the hairs sharply breezed outward.

Of those that had managed to survive, they carried on in similar manner. The thirsty crew sailed along, unaware of their course, until they eventually ran into rivals. The other men assumed Alarik’s men were weak and quickly let their guards down. When that happened Alarik and his men, without thought and moving on animalistic instinct, slaughtered every last one of the invaders. Their hunger made them savages, unable to contain themselves. Once fierce warriors, they were now something altogether different. None of them cared to explain exactly what.


If you’re interested in continuing this journey, books 1 & 2 (Samaria: Warrior Princess & Vampire Queen) are now available on AMAZON.


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